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General Administrative Rules of the Walkerton Building Dept.
Codes In Use

  • NFPA – National Fire Protection
  • NEC – National Electric Code
  • UPC – Uniform Plumbing Code
  • UBC – Uniform Building Code
  • IRC – International Residential Code
  • ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act (Indiana)
  • HUD – Lead based paint

Required Permits
All electrical and mechanical work requires a permit. ALL heating, A/C, and roofing work require a permit regardless of cost. Any construction cost exceeding $1000.00 dollars requires a building permit. Where the work is valued at $1000.00 or less, unless it affects the structural stability of the building, or public safety, or is done to change the occupancy of the building, the value of the work is the industry standard cost of material and labor for the type of work being performed. Demolition permits are required for all demolition work. Sign permits are required for all sign installations. All construction permit applications must have a valid site plan submitted with the permit application. It is the responsibility of the contractor to find the property lines. Any digging or sewer line work in a public area must have an excavation permit issued.

Occupancy Permits
All New Construction sites or Change of Occupancy sites are required to have an Occupancy Permit issued before the building can be occupied. An Occupancy Permit is required if a building is vacant for six (6) months or longer.

Permit Procedures for Commercial Construction
All permit applications concerning commercial sites must be approved by the Plan Commission before a valid building permit can be issued. A Plan Commission approval does not mean that a building permit will be issued. Design releases are required on all new commercial class 1 structures. A design release is required on remodel projects that have the following:

  • Entrances and Exits are changed
  • Use or occupancy changes
  • Interior wall space changes that exceed 50 lineal feet
  • Fire suppressant required.

Permits in flood plain areas must be approved by the State of Indiana (DNR)

Permit is good for one year from date
Work must start within six months of application

Required Inspections
It is the responsibility of the Contractor to call for inspection when an inspection is needed.

Inspection Hours
All inspections will normally be inspected within 48 hours of the call. It is the responsibility of the contractor or owner to call in for the inspection. No mechanical systems are to be covered unless inspection approval has been obtained. (Electrical, plumbing, sewer lines, water lines, etc.)

The following inspections are required

  • Concrete: underground
  • Framing: Rough
  • Plumbing: Rough and final
  • HVAC: Rough and final
    • : Gas lines; pressure test
    • : NIPSCO will not turn on a gas service without a pressure test approval from the building department.
  • Electrical: Rough and finalPressure vessels
    • : Smoke detectors
  • Pressure vessels
  • Fire Suppression and Sprinkler
  • Elevator
  • Underground sewer lines
  • Underground water lines

Bonding and licensing:
When a construction site is required to have a permit, all contractors that are working at that construction site are required to comply with the Walkerton Licensing and Bonding ordinance. All Plumbing Contractors are required by the State of Indiana to have a valid Plumbing Contractors License and to show it upon request.

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