The Town of Walkerton currently has a  part-time position of Public Safety Communications Dispatchers. A dispatcher answers emergency and service calls from the public and dispatches police, fire, and medical units. Applications may be picked up and submitted at the Walkerton Police Department, 300 Illinois Street. You can also download an application here.


Applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and be of good moral character.


Dispatchers perform a full range of radio and telephone operational duties in our 24-hour facility. Dispatchers are required to process and prioritize incoming calls for police, fire, EMS, and public works services. Dispatchers also perform related clerical and administrative duties—typing logs and reports. Work hours include all shifts, holidays, and weekends.


Ability to speak and hear clearly and to demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills is required. Some knowledge of Windows-based computer software and typing skills are necessary.

Applicants should be able to: remain calm, think clearly, quickly assess and evaluate situations, organize thoughts and respond quickly in emergency and stressful situations, effectively coordinate emergency dispatch of public safety equipment and personnel, communicate clearly and effectively with the general public, and perform a variety of tasks simultaneously.


We are looking to fill a full-time and several part-time positions which are on an on-call basis. You may be asked to work any shift with only a few hours notice. There is no guarantee of any hours each week, however, there is potential to get many hours during times when other employees take vacation leave.


Applications will be accepted and other screening processes may include: a written exam, oral interview, police records check, driving record review, reference check, and background investigation. Candidates who successfully complete all phases will be eligible for a job offer and may be required to pass a drug screening.


The orientation and training may take between 2 and 12 weeks depending on prior experience. Training will include lectures, readings, job simulators, and supervised on-the-job performance. Training requires frequent written, verbal, and performance testing. Trainees must expect regular reminders of errors and mistakes. Upon successful completion of training, you will be put on probationary status for an additional six months.

During training, trainees must learn radio vocabulary and law enforcement jargon and learn and apply a large number of procedures. Training will usually take place 4 to 5 times a week on various shifts for up to 8 hours per shift.


The Town of Walkerton is an equal opportunity employer but holds high standards of its public safety dispatchers due to the serious nature and responsibility to the citizens. The dispatcher is often the first and sometimes the only contact with the citizens. The dispatcher’s demeanor and competence directly affect the safety of emergency personnel and often affects the outcome of calls.

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