Contact Information

Clerk-Treasurer’s Office
The Clerk’s Office can be your main point of contact for information and any other town services during business hours. There you can get your utilites turned on, pay your bill, rent one of the Parks Department’s community buildings, get a building permit, or just ask a question.
The Clerk-Treasurer’s Office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. The office is located at 301 Michigan Street (in the new Municipal Building), and the phone number is 574-586-3711. Although the Clerk’s Office is located next to the Walkerton Court, they do not have any court information and cannot take payments for traffic citations.
For AFTER-HOURS EMERGENCIES such as water leaks or electrial problems/outages, contact the 24-hour police dispatch center at 574-586-3511.

Police Department
Because it is a 24-hour operation, the police department is another important contact center. At any time, you can call 574-586-3511 for emergency or non-emergency service calls for police, fire, or ambulance. We can also reach on-call utilities workers for after-hours emergencies. The police department does not have information about court fines and cannot take payments for traffic citations. The police department is at located at 301 Illinois Street, on the east side of the Municipal Building.

Park Department The Park Office is located just south of John Glenn High School at 71626 Walkerton Trail (at the intersection of Georgia Street). Contact the office at 574-586-3638 or visit the park web page for more information on upcoming sports and activities.

Phone numbers:

Police/Fire/EMS 586-3511 or 9-1-1

Electric/Water 586-3711

Streets/Wastewater 586-3711

Park Department 586-3638

Town Hall 586-3711

Walkerton Court 586-2340

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